Bulldog Roofing & Restoration is Oklahoma’s safeguard against lasting storm, fire, or water damage. Disasters don’t happen on a schedule, and costly damage can mount up quickly, that’s why we offer around the clock emergency response. Our responsive approach to your flood, storm, or fire damage allows us to solve problems early and save you from more costly, dangerous damage to the integrity of your home.

If you’ve experienced a fire, flood, or storm, there’s no need to worry, Bulldog Roofing & Restoration will be by your side. We bring a wealth of experience with roofing and disaster restorations in Central Oklahoma and Tulsa. We give each customer a free estimate and provide 24/7 emergency response.

For emergencies call (405) 359-3039, or to get in touch about your free estimate, fill out our form.



Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration

When you need water damage remediation and restoration in Central Oklahoma or Tulsa, call Bulldog Roofing & Restoration. We offer 24/7 response to your flooding emergencies, so you can stay warm and dry and protect your property from serious damage caused by water infiltration.


Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup & Restoration

If your home has suffered a fire or smoke damage, we can help. Bulldog Roofing & Restoration uses the latest techniques and years of experience to rescue you from unsightly and dangerous fire damage. When we’re done with your job there won’t even be a smoky smell left behind.


Commercial & Residential Roofing

Bulldog Roofing & Restoration is unmatched in commercial and residential roofing. We bring laser-guided precision to your roofing project. Our licensed and insured roofers have years of expert craftsmanship under their belts. From Oklahoma City to Tulsa, we provide the highest quality in roofing.






We take pride in the quality of our work. We approach each project with an eye toward precision and craftsmanship. No matter what disaster has hit your property, we have the skill to take it on.

Expert Restoration in the Oklahoma City Metro and Tulsa

Bulldog Roofing & Restoration has over 20 years of experience saving Oklahomans from disaster damage. We bring precision, efficiency, and quality to each and every job. Whether you need emergency cleanup after a torrential flood, damage repaired after a traumatic house fire, or roofing services after a violent hailstorm our crews and contractors have the expertise to tackle your project. There is no disaster too big for us to handle and we’re on your side 24/7.


Bulldog Roofing & Restoration is on Your Side

When you face a disaster, don’t face it alone. Call Bulldog Roofing & Restoration. We bring expert crews and over 20 years of experience to each job site, no matter how large or small. Whether fire, flood, tornado, or hail we’ve seen it all and will come to your rescue.

If you need emergency assistance call (405) 359-3039. For a free, no-obligation estimate fill out the form, and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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