Emergency Water Damage Cleanup in Tulsa & Central Oklahoma

Bulldog Roofing & Restoration are masters of water damage cleanup and remediation. We offer round-the-clock service because we know disasters don’t happen on a schedule. When you suffer damage from a flood, plumbing problem, or water main break, rapid response is crucial. Rather than let the water seep into the structure of your home, call Bulldog Roofing & Restoration for immediate relief.

Rapid response to water damage can save you thousands in costly repairs. When you suffer flooding, don’t wait around, call Oklahoma’s experts in water damage cleanup and remediation immediately at (405) 359-3039.

Water Damage Remediation

Water damage remediation differs slightly from water damage cleanup. Remediation includes the removal of contaminated water from your property. If you’ve experienced a flood in an area that may contain toxins or chemicals, remediation is necessary. Rather than just relying on evaporation, remediation requires the physical removal of contaminated water from your building.

Bulldog Roofing & Restoration is well versed in water remediation. No matter your industry, we have the skills to remove any contaminated floodwaters from your facility and are on call around the clock.

water damage cleanup by Bulldog Roofing and Restoration

The Latest in Water Damage Cleanup

Bulldog Roofing & Restoration brings their extensive experience with water removal to the table; we will assist you in choosing the right methods of water removal to minimize damage to your property from water intrusion. We have the ability to bring the largest fans, extraction units, and dehumidifiers in Oklahoma to bear when the floods hit. Not only that, we work 24/7 responding to Tulsa and Central Oklahoma’s water intrusion emergencies.

For emergency service, call (405) 359-3039.